Mario kart 7 bundle

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User Info: crazyray47

4 years ago#1
I just bought a 3DS XL Mario Kart 7 bundle.

For those worried about Mario kart 7 not working, or being deleted when you do a system transfer you don't have to worry. After I did the system transfer from my old 3DS I was able to redownload the game from Nintendo E-shop.

Only posted this since a lot of people were claiming you will lose the game, false information.

User Info: latimaster

4 years ago#2
Where'd you get it? I've been looking for one and can't find them anymore

User Info: RocketZXblue

4 years ago#3
thanks for sharing this info, I'm one of those "don't wanna a digital download because I might lose em all once my 3ds craps out" people
3DS FC: 4098 - 2370 - 5638 looking for 3DS friends PM ME (Swapnote, MK7, Code of Princess, Kid Icarus)
PSN: RocketZXblue Steam: RocketZX
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