The only reason people don't like Sticker star is because it changed stuff.

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  3. The only reason people don't like Sticker star is because it changed stuff.

User Info: GloryChaos

4 years ago#1
Topic. People are just upset that the game went in a different direction and changed things up. They wanted a game like thousand year door and they didn't get it. If you wanted to play a GameCube game, then you should have just plugged in your GameCube and done so. True fans of the series will be able to see the game for what it is: a fresh, new, and interesting entry in the Paper Mario franchise.

So why is this the go to argument whenever I see a lot whenever it gets brought up that people didn't like Sticker Star? As someone who did, in fact, thoroughly enjoy the game, I don't understand this. Yes, there are people who do get upset at sequels simply because things were changed. But I see this comment used even after somebody who dislikes the game give their reasons. I have rarely seen someone state that they wanted a "port of the GameCube game". Most people just say that they didn't like the watered down combat (which is objectively was), the lack of a story, the fact that the main villain didn't talk or have any dialogue, the final dungeon not being much of a dungeon, etc.

And to be honest, this applies to pretty much any other sequel in any series.
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User Info: iammaxhailme

4 years ago#2
"Change" is different from "Downgrade"
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User Info: GenericName9

4 years ago#3
Argh. There's a ****storm a-brewin'
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User Info: Gamemaster64

4 years ago#4
Yeah change stuff to crap.

All attacks are item based. No unlimited normal attacks. Limited amount of space for items too.

Battles are pointless.

At times I want to avoid battle so I don't have to use half my inventory.
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User Info: micfolio

4 years ago#5
I have no desire to play an RPG where there's no reward for battle.
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User Info: DarkLink346

4 years ago#6
GloryChaos posted...
a fresh, new, and interesting entry in the Paper Mario franchise

Fresh: They used the same overworld map they've been using for 20 years. I thought we were past that kind of layout when we developed open world games, but they keep going back to that. I feel like it's a cheap and easy way to get around having to integrate the parts of the world.

Interesting: Paper Mario and TTYD both had great stories that made you want to keep playing to see what happened next. The only reason I even completed SPM was because the characters were dynamic and interesting. This game doesn't have ANY story aside from "go collect some things" and I was sorely disappointed by this. Did I want a TTYD clone? No, but I wanted a story.
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User Info: Buttery_Toast

4 years ago#7
I have never played a Paper Mario game before, so I thought I'd be fine with the game, but after about four hours I got tired of the sticker bullcrap.
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User Info: wiiking96

4 years ago#8
iammaxhailme posted...
"Change" is different from "Downgrade"

This. Get it right, people.

Sticker Star is basically a jumble of boring old elements from the past Paper Marios and NSMB, poorly made and lazy attempts at being innovative, and a pinch of actual quality.
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User Info: emeraldsco

4 years ago#9
I can understand why certain folks would be unhappy with it but it's really not a bad game. It's alright.
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User Info: nintendogger

4 years ago#10
I enjoyed Sticker Star, I don't think it deserves the hate that it gets, but oh well. I'll just enjoy while having the entire 3DS board screaming in my ear "THAT'S A BAD GAME."
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  3. The only reason people don't like Sticker star is because it changed stuff.

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