Considering selling my 3DSXL, unsure of asking price.

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  3. Considering selling my 3DSXL, unsure of asking price.

User Info: CWtennis

4 years ago#11
Whoa didn't notice you were selling games alone with the XL lol in that case $150 is a steal!
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User Info: sondast

4 years ago#12
Yeah that's not bad. Most people overprice their packages because they think their sports and shovelware games add value, but you have some decent ones there. Personally, I think $150 is underpriced.

User Info: McLort

4 years ago#13
you could get over 200 for all that. those are all still 39.99 games

edit: holy crap man wait, i didnt read the long list. yea start at 200~220 definitely lol
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User Info: Marsford

4 years ago#14
The thing with me is that I couldn't really use someone else's system, so price is not as relevant as the fact that it's used.

That being said, even 250 would be a fair price for what you're offering. Not to mention an Ambassador XL is rare.
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User Info: Imsuchafatty

4 years ago#15
Yeah assuming you aren't overstating how good of a condition it really is... $200 for all those games included should be the starting point imo.
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  3. Considering selling my 3DSXL, unsure of asking price.

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