Why is everyone assuming we'll all buy Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon?

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User Info: TinyTim123

4 years ago#21
GloryChaos posted...
nimerjm37 posted...
I planned on buying it until they added multiplayer. Now there's no way I'll buy it.

I'm totally finished paying for games that include multiplayer just to make the younger generation of gamers happy, even if multiplayer doesn't make a lick of sense. Metroid Prime 2? Mass Effect 3? Dead Space 2? Bioshock 2? Spec Ops? All games with single, defined protagonists and strong narratives with multiplayer that made no damn sense.

I just don't have time to waste on games that could have been AAA single player experiences but were watered down due to budget shifts toward adding a non-sensical multiplayer mode or three.

...so I'll be playing Bioshock Infinite, a game with developers courageous enough to say "no" to the "we demand multiplayer" underage gamer set.

But there are plenty of games that exist that manage to have a strong single player campaign while having a decent multiplayer mode that isn't tacked on either.

While I agree with nimerjm37, I mean, I don't want to play a game with a two hour single player mode and the focus is on online multiplayer (I hate anonymous online multiplayer, and let's face it, the only reason I have XBox Live Gold is to play Borderlands 2 with my brother in the same house on our own TV screens), a game can still be good and have a multiplayer function. Over at my brother's house, we play Bioshock 2 (super fun shooting dozens with a buddy), Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper (super fun sweeping through demon armies and killing thousands with a friend), a Castlevania XBox live arcade game and other stuff, all of the games are fine single player, but just more fun with someone else. In Kid Icarus Uprising, the single player was great! Yeah, the multiplayer wasn't exceptionally well developed, but it was great fun to play in as well. Ragnarok Odyssey on the Vita, while difficult at some points single player, was also quite fun multiplayer (and helped get through those tricky areas).

Then again, I guess maybe I am not playing the games where multiplayer is nonsensical.

And since I know nothing about Luigi's Mansion other than Luigi is now a Ghost Buster? I think? I have no idea whether the multiplayer will be good or bad. I don't know that the game will be good or bad. I don't know whether it makes no sense for the game to be multiplayer. Maybe I'll go back to my brother's house and play some Kirby's Return to Dreamland with a group of people.
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  3. Why is everyone assuming we'll all buy Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon?

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