Is kid icarus uprising a good game?

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User Info: Baha05

4 years ago#11
It's a great game, fun characters and voices, a good amount of content, a pretty varied story (I don't get one someone said it was repetitive as the story actually splits up into little arcs) and I'd say the time might be some 10-15 hours minimum.
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User Info: Mascara_Snake

4 years ago#12
I have it and I can see how people can appreciate it for what it is, but I honestly cannot get beyond the controls. I've tried multiple times and I just can't get used to it. That isn't to say it's a bad game, but I'd say it's only enjoyable if you can actually deal with the controls, personally.
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User Info: uhohjonah

4 years ago#13
Hell yes it is! One of the best games on 3DS!
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User Info: AdlezLegend

4 years ago#14
Does a bear crap in the Woods?

And does Miyamoto crap on the hopes and dreams of millions of Paper Mario fans?
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User Info: 587Deathking

4 years ago#15
It really is a very good game even one year later. I clocked around 250 hours into the game and really the game is fun and it has a lot of replay value
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  3. Is kid icarus uprising a good game?

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