pikachu xl club nintendo code and fire emblem code raffle

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User Info: CatalystGuitar18

4 years ago#51
"In Stephanie Meyers masterpiece Twilight ,the Protagonist (Bella) is faced with a great dilema. She knows Edward is a vampire thus putting her in great danger but at the same time she feels a strong bond between the both of them. Explain"

While this is not a question, I will explain. She puts the importance of having a boyfriend over the importance of her humanity and ignorance thinking that human beings are the most powerful beings on the planet Earth.

Or, maybe she just wants a bit of the ol in-out, in-out.
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User Info: Chykka_Black

4 years ago#52
You know i really wanted the code but i care not for twilight
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User Info: Robot_Soopa

4 years ago#53
Trick question.

Edward doesn't even know Bella exists. It's all a made-up erotic fantasy in her head which is why all the men act so stupid and irrationally and the story reads like misandrist fan-fiction.

User Info: I_R_WINNER

4 years ago#54
Don't know, don't care, give me the code or I swear...
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User Info: Santaeid

4 years ago#55
cryoma7 posted...
Raffle has ended winner shall be chosen

Was a winner chosen. my inbox is empty. I just wanted a code for a freind since he bought a 3DS XL a while back.
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User Info: klim28

4 years ago#56
Hope I win :)
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User Info: JadeFlames

4 years ago#57
Love. She is in love, yet also has fear... Kind of weird...
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User Info: setyman

4 years ago#58
What? explain what?
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User Info: ShinyAlchemy

4 years ago#59
*in Nelson Muntz voice*: Gimme your codes or I'll pound your withered old face in!
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User Info: flashfactor7

4 years ago#60
Need the 3DS XL code.

Got games on steam to trade.

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