pikachu xl club nintendo code and fire emblem code raffle

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User Info: Hugstable

4 years ago#61
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/huggerbearr
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User Info: jedinat

4 years ago#62
The way Edward's skin shimmers as it is draped in daylight makes her nether regions tingle so delightfully that her disturbed lower intestine in a fit of pique excretes a chemical cocktail into her blood stream that shuts down what little cognitive functionality she possesses.

User Info: SmashBro25

4 years ago#63
Kristen Stewart had no choice but to go after the first thing she saw move
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User Info: fvig2001

4 years ago#64
The guy saved her. Since humans are often compelled to payback favors, she felt that she needs to make it up to him. Since she's not really useful for anything, she just thought of repaying him through sex.

User Info: SpaceDesperado

4 years ago#65
"In Stephanie Meyers masterpiece Twilight ,the Protagonist (Bella) is faced with a great dilema. She knows Edward is a vampire thus putting her in great danger but at the same time she feels a strong bond between the both of them. Explain"

Have you ever been in love? Almost trapped by the beauty and uniqueness of someone you find attractive? Feeling like there will never be anyone quite as perfect as the person you feel you have a strong bond with?

Then you will know the answer as to why even though she is risking everything to be with him, it is totally worth it. Her life would be in misery and doubt because she wants to be with him even if there is small sliver of chance.

User Info: super_taco_ftw

4 years ago#66
She realises she was a necrophilliac all along, and wants to make demon spawn with him.
P.S. In the unlikely event I win, I'm Australian, so the codes might not even work. In that case I'll give it to th runner up.
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User Info: kingdumbfarts

4 years ago#67
Cause its a movie.

User Info: idrc82

4 years ago#68
She finds him mysterious and while he is potentially dangerous she sees good within him also adding that she is not satisfied with her life and what it has to offer, she wants more and he is the key! Code pls ^_^
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User Info: HMANB

4 years ago#69
It's "TRUE LOVE", because love can blind people, literally it doesn't choose anyone to love a certain people with its characteristics, attitude, physical appearance, etc... Love teaches you how to fight for that person just to stay w/ him/her for a long period of time.

User Info: Xxerran

4 years ago#70
Love holds no bonds, there is no dilemma. The heart wants what it wants.
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