Lol, bought 7 Pikachu XL

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User Info: deathwave21

4 years ago#41
Detroit Lakes Walmart has 1 left for $199
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User Info: kingdumbfarts

4 years ago#42
TVthePunisher posted...
Vito219 posted...
TVthePunisher posted...
oORyuumaruOo posted...
I don't understand, you bought 7 Pikachu XLs and sold each one for $45. Your total profit equals out to $315, and I assume you paid each one in full? If that's the case you're out $1084.93...

What he means is...he charged $45 more for people to buy them online rather than find them locally. So, he made that $45 per 3DS paying whatever the original price was and just jacking it up to make sure he saw something worthwhile out of it. One does not simply buy something and sell it for the same price.

Scalpers realize that most people are idiots when it comes to their money and the "must have it now!" attitude means they'll pay whatever price they see. It's the people who bought those 3DS's off him that are at fault here, for not doing their research on where they could get one cheaper.

His profit off their ignorance, basically. And I'm not a scalper, I know when someone's trying to BS me with a "deal".

But even if no one bought them, TC would just sit on them and NOT mark them down. The systems will always remain rare. It's not like he's hoarding Blue or Red XL's/.

That is true, he could easily mark up the price to whatever he sees fit rather than only get a $45 profit. But...since he's already sold them, that can't happen now can it? Perhaps TC should have waited a little that they were out of circulation to the public and make possibly up to $100+ in profit off of each one. $700 vs. $315? Now that's scalping.

Yeah, but I'm pretty sure the demand and price will go down soon then slowly creep back up. As always when doing this kind of stuff I like to get out once I can make a good profit. I'm happy even if the ebay price does goes up a lot higher cause I made some good money.

User Info: kingdumbfarts

4 years ago#43
I_R_WINNER posted...
If you wanted the Pikachu XL but cannot afford scalped prices you should have waited in line at Target.


User Info: DisgaeaNut

4 years ago#44
Local WL-Mart in the sticks here got two and I put both on layaway to see if price rises.

User Info: MrKunio

4 years ago#45
You didnt really profit much at all. This is nothing to brag about.
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User Info: sumflipatyrdoor

4 years ago#46
You people need to stop whining, TC knew how to make some extra cash being "innovative" or exploiting the desperate (whatever you want to call it). Remember when the PS3 first came out and people were shelling out a cluster **** of cash for it on ebay? If those people really wanted those pikachu 3DS's they would of probably done the same as TC and got em early, nuff said.

In any case if i was TC i would of waited a couple weeks then sold em for $400-500 a pop and made a bit more off of em. Supply and demand little kiddies =P
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User Info: Fou Lu

Fou Lu
4 years ago#47
Should have sat on them longer and let the price go up. $45 isn't that much profit.
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User Info: pkmastah15

4 years ago#48
I love how everyone acts like $315 grows on tree.

Yeah, that's nothing. We all rich as hell, m i rite?

User Info: darkphoenix181

4 years ago#49
It would cost this dude $1190 for all 7 at $159.99 plus tax.
Seems interesting how a guy so desperate to make a profit is able to fork over that much cash in one setting.
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User Info: lanif

4 years ago#50
what was the ps3's upwards of a 1000
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