Is the new Etrian Odyssey game a remake or a spinoff or both?

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  3. Is the new Etrian Odyssey game a remake or a spinoff or both?

User Info: Chenmaster2

4 years ago#1
Kinda confused here.

User Info: serenade_beta

4 years ago#2
Hint: No info at all
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User Info: Bancario51

4 years ago#3
psst I'll tell you a secret....
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User Info: Ghetsis

4 years ago#4
Well, from what I read, it has a substantial story, as well as premade characters, so it sure isn't a remake.
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User Info: Hercik1

4 years ago#5

User Info: legendarylemur

4 years ago#6
People only think this is a remake of EOI because it just takes place in the same city called Etria
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User Info: DynamicJumpIuff

4 years ago#7
It's a re-imagining of EO1.
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User Info: Pork_buttonmash

4 years ago#8
It's a loosely based spiritual prequel of the sequel Etrian Odyssey 3.

User Info: Halectic

4 years ago#9
It is neither
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User Info: IHeartMetroid

4 years ago#10
It's a remake of the first Etrian Odyssey, with an expanded storyline, fleshed out party characters and voice acting.

If you look at the screenshots in this article, you can clearly see that the artwork used in this is directly taken from the first game in the series.
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  3. Is the new Etrian Odyssey game a remake or a spinoff or both?

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