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User Info: mattfrank

4 years ago#1
I purchased these game in this order.

Monster Hunter 3G
-Bought a JPN 3DS just for this games 2 years ago ,still playing it a lot.
If it weren't this game,i wouldn't be playing all of these games below.

-Have been a RE fan since RE 2 ,can't find a reason not to get it.

Street Figter IV: 3D edition
-It is the 1st 2D fighting game that i actually would learn how to become good in it.

Fire Emblem:Kakusei
-I always fancy a "GOOD" strategic RPG with a myriad of classes to choose from.
i was undecided for monthes until i stumbled upon a FE 7 rom.I have never become in love with a series so fast.

Kid Icarus:Uprising
-Totally uninterested in this game because it seems too hack and slash-ish for my taste.Bought this together with the 3DSXL because there were no other games i want.
Didn't regret at all and I like all the pleasant surprises it brings.

Resident Evil:Mercenaries 3D
-it's Resident Evil !!!! IMO this game is infinitely better than thedull &linear raid-mode of RE:Re.Due to my region,the online Co-op is mostly unplayably laggy to me though.

Zelda:Ocarina of Time
-My 1st 3D Zelda game ,not fun spending the most part of the game getting stuck with a total stranger without a clue in where to go next .It feels like a retextured game with the old design/mechanic/control rather than a remake.
Burn me at the stake,but i prefer the GBA/DS Zelda titles that feature Chibi Link.

Etrian Odyssey IV:Legend of the Titans
-Oh my !! Another discovery just like FE, a gem fanboys who avoid Nintendo will miss out.Never knew it would grow on me so much.

CAsTleVANia:mirrOR FATe
-Urghh....Is Santa Monica studio the only western developer that could make half decent games for handhelds??

Luigi Mansion:Dark Moon
-Who knew the 1st experience of this IP could be so crazily addictive. 3DS owners,i implore you to get this before it sells out.

User Info: kelcheuk

4 years ago#2

User Info: MrAntike184

4 years ago#3
You and your opinions about games suck. 0/10
Proud owner of 3DS XL, GBA SP, N64, Xbox 360 & PS2.
Favorite game series: Zelda, F-Zero, & Kid Icarus.
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