To anyone else who has a 3DS XL

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User Info: XxXSlateXxX

4 years ago#1
is it just me or is the casing for the system flimsy? like while im holding and playing it I feel the casing bend slightly and creek, like it going to snap in my hands, and im not holding it tight or putting alot of pressure on it

User Info: StormKMD

4 years ago#2
Yeah, but I've never really thought it was gonna break or anything.
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User Info: DeathSoul2000

4 years ago#3
blame nintendo cheaping out and using only 2 screws to hold the back plate in place.

User Info: warlord78

4 years ago#4
Easy, Lenny.
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User Info: CyDetrakD

4 years ago#5
Mines is two days old but the build quality seems better than the original so far in my short time with it but i did have the original 3ds pretty much since launch.

User Info: oldhbk76

4 years ago#6
I have a clear case on mine so it doesn`t bother me
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User Info: lj_sephiroth

4 years ago#7
It feels like the original DS imo
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User Info: Makeveli_lives

4 years ago#8
The tighter it is, the easier it is to strain and fracture when pressure is applied.

So stop complaining about it.
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User Info: MATADOR480

4 years ago#9
warlord3 posted...
Easy, Lenny.

You mean Lennie?
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