I guess "Mario" games are just not my thing...

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  3. I guess "Mario" games are just not my thing...

User Info: NeonYoshi11

4 years ago#21
They had near perfection with Mario 64 and they stopped making that type of game.

All we honestly really want is Mario 64 2..............am I right ?

*150-200 Stars

* 20 Worlds

* Mario, but also can unlock Luigi and maybea few others to use on certain maps/paintings

* Bring back an enhanced and enlarged castle that has been " renovated " therefore giving an excuse for it to look different and have more rooms and areas with more paintings.

* We like small little contained areas where we have to figure out how to get the Star.

SM3DL gave me about 20% of that M64 feeling and it instantly made me realize the need for the smaller self contained little areas and their variations for stars.

It was the best of the best and people stopped following or copying or refining that and started making watered down crappy versions of games from other genres.

User Info: Cody32390

4 years ago#22
I love SMB3 and 64 but man, those games get too much praise. The levels in 3 are incredibly short and 64 hasnt aged well at all
Real talk.
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  3. I guess "Mario" games are just not my thing...

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