Fire Emblem Awakening on sale $24

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4 years ago#1
Great deal, just putting it here in case anyone wants it.

User Info: 21_21

4 years ago#2
What's a furniture store doing selling electronics?
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User Info: third_eye_zero0

4 years ago#3
Shipping is craycray.

User Info: KaiRyusaki

4 years ago#4

Read the entire thread.

It's barely a "deal"

User Info: KaitaNuva

4 years ago#5
KaiRyusaki posted...

Read the entire thread.

It's barely a "deal"

Free shipping on orders over $50.

OoT is also about $24. This is a freaking steal for new 3DS owners.
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User Info: Gamemaster64

4 years ago#6
Will they do split shipping/charging if I combine the game with a pre order?

Edit: Also are they trust worthy of say pre ordering Soul Hacker unlike some other site(*cough*fry*cough*)?
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User Info: ImGanondorfLol

4 years ago#7
$9 shipping..

Wish you can just request they send it with USPS first class for $1.69.

User Info: tropireno

4 years ago#8
Very tempting, but having to go to $50 to avoid that absurd shipping cost is a turnoff. Also, I don't know how trustworthy this place is.

I wonder if FE:A will go for $20 somewhere else anytime soon.
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