Question before i get an XL...

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User Info: 610330

4 years ago#1
I understand there is an option for a system transfer so you can keep playing the dlc and games you have downloaded. I have yet to buy anything digital however. The games i own are

Mario land 3d
Resident evil
Zelda 3d
monster hunter 3 ultimate

Do these games save to the game cartridges? I need to know because if not i can trade my 3ds in for some credit to get another game but i dont want to lose my progress on my games.
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User Info: Slaysme

4 years ago#2
Yes, saves are on the carts. You're good to go.
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User Info: Akira1256

4 years ago#3
The DLC and other 'extra data' usually saves to the SD card, however - though keep in mind, it's also often tied to the system. If you want to save the DLC/extra data, either save the SD card, copy its contents to a computer (you may need to make sure your computer can view hidden folders, first) or another SD card. The SD card contents are what the system transfer feature uses.
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