How much better is Sonic Racing Transformed now with better framerate?

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User Info: grans

4 years ago#11
The framerate in some games is definitely improved. As others have said, I can also confirm that KH3D plays smoother now and doesn't drop nearly as much. I compared to multiple videos online of the game being played on a pre-update 3DS as well to ensure I wasn't crazy, they confirmed with certainty what I figured I was seeing. There were several parts during the game that would always drop into the single digits when an event happens onscreen previously, the game no longer drops nearly as much (again i've confirmed with videos and it's very obvious). The game isn't completely devoid of choppiness now, but it's a massive and easily noticeable improvement.

Numerous people have confirmed this now in regards to other games as well. The demo of Sonic Racing isn't any better, but users who have the full game have said it's noticeably better. While I don't own it myself, I am inclined to take their word for it considering my experience with KH3D and how it was improved.

And again this isn't some kind of weird placebo. It probably doesn't affect every single game out there, and I didn't notice the demos performing any better (particularly MGS3D's demo, which was just as choppy and unstable as always).
NEVER judge a game you have not played.

User Info: LHS_2012

4 years ago#12
Rurouni720 posted...
Verbalcody posted...
i still don't believe any of these games have better framerate. just a bunch of forum guys talking each other up, no surprise there

why wouldnt nintendo announce improved frame rates for whichever game in any of the patch notes?

cause they didnt do it

Cool, continue to disbelieve our claims when the facts among other users who were even the MOST sceptical about it (myself included beforehand) confirmed that is was there. Especially said-users who reported Tales of Abyss & Monster Hunter 3U gained much improved FPS performance after update their 3DS more than thrice.

Nintendo doesn't even have to make an official clear statement for people to know that the update improved framerate stability (which can go hand and hand with the updated noting improved system stabilization) among certain 3DS games with performance issues. Because people have already reported it crystal CLEAR on the subject at hand.

Again, read my above. I noted my copy of KH3D having much better framerate performance after i myself updated my recently 3DS, and i FOR SURE remember a couple spots where the game to lag like a slideshow and hit the single digits multiple times because it's happened a lot to it before the latest 3DS firmware update fix most things (not all but still) to an acceptable degree.

And here I was wondering what those supposed framerate issues were in Moster Hunter. Didn't play it until after the update, so that explains it.
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  3. How much better is Sonic Racing Transformed now with better framerate?

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