New Mario AR Cards and App! (Photos with Super Mario!)

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Final Fantasy2389 4 years ago#21
From: undisputed2386 | #015
AR cards that interact with one another?

Both Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows games (at least PS360 versions) have AR covers, and if you have both part 1 and part 2 and use them together it forms a scene where it looks like Harry and Voldemort are fighting.
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User Info: Nekoakuma

4 years ago#22
rahxephon122 posted...
PokeMaster posted...
rahxephon122 posted...
I wonder how many people will just print the cards

The cards would be useless for other regions I'm guessing because you would need to download the app from the eShop, which won't be available for other regions when the cards are released.

Personally I'm getting all the cards because
a) I was going to get some prepaid cards anyway
b) I collect designs that I like (I got all of the Zelda Anniv. Prepaid cards, and the Classic Mario series as well. Recently got my pikachu one after waiting for a long time)

I knew they'd be useless unless the app gets localized, but when they come out what's to stop people from downloading and printing the other ARcards? I realize they're a freebie when purchasing eshop funds, but what about for those who just want to collect them? Would you pay $50 for an AR card if you didn't frequently buy things off the eshop?

Nothing is stopping them. Same as how all the Kid Icarus AR markers / Pokedex Pro markers / Original 3DS Ar Markers / Bravely Default Markers, etc are all readily available on the internet.

My bet is as soon as they are released, the first three and the QR code for the app will already be scanned and placed on the internet. There's nothing wrong with printing out the cards (and Nintendo themselves suggest it if you misplace your original ones).

As for your last question, I wouldn't pay just for the AR card, but I will pay for the prepaid card.
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User Info: Kouji_Tamino

4 years ago#23
Do want.
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User Info: rahxephon122

4 years ago#24

I have a weird thing for Prepaid cards. The cost of them feels so much heavier than normal merchandise.

Ex: Realistically, there's no difference in buying a physical copy of LM at a store, or buying 2 $20 eshop cards to cover the price of the digital. Either way I pay $40. However, the two eshop cards feel like a more weighted spend to me. (Does it make sense?)
It's weird since I'm getting the same thing but to me it feels different.
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User Info: Nekoakuma

4 years ago#25
Yeah I get what you're saying.
But I'm mostly going to use the purchases on eShop games, though I'd probably grab a digital game to take advantage of the campaign they're running atm. (free 500Y coupon for eShop)

If I was going to buy the cards just to buy a game, I'd just buy physical instead. But the purchases from the cards are going to be eShop-only titles mostly, and they're cool cards.
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