Getting rid of my EU region 3DS

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User Info: peki_zg

4 years ago#11
Ragnarokxv posted...
Shin megami tensei games, the new Harvest moon, more...

When a game I want is actually coming out here its release is months after NA. Fire Emblem for instance.

Or two years later with gamebreaking bugs like SMT: Devils Survivor Overclocked.

And today SMT IV was announced for US. I'm sure we will never get it here, so I'm going to buy a US 3DS XL too.

User Info: Black_Assassin

4 years ago#12
BlueNamy posted...
Black_Assassin posted...
I recommend VGP for your NA 3DS purchase.

When you order a NA 3DS from them do they mark it as a gift?

Yes. 20 CAD or so as the value. I've never had to pay customs for any VGP packet (I live in Finland; the limit's a bit over 20 euros afaik.)
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