How many 3DS games do you own?

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User Info: -Articuno-

4 years ago#81
I currently have 10 being these ones
1. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
2. Pilot Wings Resort
3. Horses 3D
4. Super Mario 3D Land
5. Angry Birds Trilogy
6. Tales of Abyss
7. Resident Evil Revelations
8. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
9. Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
10. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity

Currently on my wishlist
Pokémon X and Y
Animal Crossing New Leaf
Kid Icarus Uprising
Mario Kart 7
Fire Emblem
Monster Hunter Ultimate
Starfox 64
Metal Gear Solid 3
Name: Cynder Luna Stallion
Main Account Gamespot: -Vulpix-

User Info: ImGanondorfLol

4 years ago#82
Super Mario 3D Land
Ocarina of Time 3D
Mario Kart 7
Resident Evil Revelations
Kid Icarus Uprising
Super Street Fighter 4
New Super Mario Bros. 2

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