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User Info: Raulsen

4 years ago#11
rahxephon122 posted...
Raulsen posted...
Maybe I'm just being a grammar freak, but shouldn't "have" be used here instead of "has?"

"I know that it would be great to tell you that the new Mario AR cards that were recently released in Japan has been announced for the North American market and provide the release date."

But it's plural. Ignore the prepositional phrase "that were recently released in Japan".
It becomes "...Mario AR cards have been..."
"Has" is singular while "Have" is plural. The word "cards" is plural so we use "have."

That's... Exactly what I'm saying! XD

I just bolded the "has" to show which one I was talking about!
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User Info: rahxephon122

4 years ago#12
I didn't read your post right then. XD
Sorry. But yes, you were right.
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