Worst Pokemon Gen?

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User Info: XWolfO

4 years ago#71
Generation 1 was was the worst. It was the first, yes, but it still had almost no post game and it had that horrible balance problem where psychic types pretty much destroyed everything.
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User Info: 2006_

4 years ago#72
5 was ok, 4 was bad. Loved the rest.

User Info: FefnirOmega13

4 years ago#73
Gen II is an abomination.

Gen III>Gen V(BW2)>Gen IV>Gen I> Gen V(BW1)>>>>>>>>>Gen II
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User Info: musumane

4 years ago#74
Here is how I rank the Gens

5(BWII) > I >2>3>4>5
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User Info: Vyers

4 years ago#75
What? Gen II is best. It barely had to go into the bizarre territory for its Pokemon. Even what bizarre stuff it had had some basis, or at the very least went bizarre as a creative decision, not a desperate one.

Girafarig, for example, could have just as easily been a very long-necked ungulate, but instead combined it with the theme of a creature having two minds on either end of itself. This is aided by the fact that the pun works out to a fair name. Qwilfish was a pretty boring Pokemon, but at the same time, so was Rattata. Sudowoodo may seem weird in hindsight, but is a tree weirder than a mime, or a pile of sludge? Likely you would say no; at which point I would follow up by asking if it's weird yet still for the tree to be a creature that, in its natural habitat, mimics trees. The name "Sudowoodo", or "pseudo-wood", is a fantastic name. Probably one of my favourites in the series.

Then, you look at the starters. All pretty basic and balanced. One's grass, one's fire, one's water. Compared to gen 1, where Charmander beats Bulbasaur, and then beats him worse when you give him x4 resistance and a second super effective STAB. Gen II, contrary to popular belief, does not succumb to desperation. Looking at the list, it adds an owl, a ferret, a leaf/herb Pokemon (Chikorita), a porcupine, a crocodile, a ladybug, a spider, an octopus, a bear, an elephant, an anglerfish, a "hatched" Pokemon (Togepi), a Pokemon bearing Native American styling (Natu/Xatu), a sheep, a dandelion, a monkey, a sunflower, a dragonfly, a crow, a pinecone, a scorpion...ish thing? (Gligar), a bull dog, a beetle, a weasel, a slug, a boar, coral, a manta ray, a guard dog, a reindeer, a cow, etc. It adds a lot of perfectly reasonable concepts, and even its most bizarre stuff, such as Unown, Wobbuffet, and Corsola still seem perfectly reasonable. The addition of new evolutionary forms spiced things up, especially in terms of buffing older Pokemon (sometimes more so than they needed, namely Chansey), and the twerks and gameplay additions did so much to fix things from gen 1 that it made serious competitive play... well, serious. The customizations you could do were pretty varied.

And don't even get me started on the game's aesthetics and other innovative elements!
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User Info: the_NGW

4 years ago#76
5 > 4 > 1 > 2 > 3
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User Info: Lui_Gar

4 years ago#77
RyuVegas posted...
Other than the Physical/Special Split Gen IV gave being practically the only good thing to come out of it, it also affected the competitive meta AND Casual Play alike THE MOST out of any Gen as well as being WAY too focused on Pre-evolutions or New Evolutions than any other game before it, especially with all the different kinds of Stones added to it. Then there is the Cave Traveling problem, as already mentioned, there there is the lack of player interactivity that even Gen 3 did way better what with Secret Bases and all in Hoenn....

Really if you don't think Gen IV was the worst then you are straight in denial or you didn't play Gen IV extensively like I did who went through at least 1 playthrough of each Diamond, Pearl, then Platinum. Game isn't even worth revisiting, IMO.

Anyone saying Gen 2 was the worst is a joke person. You're opinion shouldn't even be validated for such an audacious claim. Why do you think HG/SS are even praised to begin with? Even as remakes they are remakes of the BIGGEST advancement in Pokemon History. It has Nostalgia behind it AND shows just how good the design was to begin with that not much needed to be altered: Just add a bunch of cool post-game stuff, which they did.

Really Gen 1 should be more hated than it is by people. FR/LG are cool and all but it still it just lacks so much that the series has advanced.

Gen 3 was... interesting. I personally liked it and thought the Underwater sections were quite unique and fun to play, but I guess I can see how you can kind of be turned off by it. Seems a bit prejudicial as the only thing I can possibly think that makes it ANY different than traveling on land is that you meet like 95% Tenticool and Tenticruel. Otherwise the Aesthetic led to much more clever world map puzzle solving and exploring. It kept me engaged in the lore. It also gave us 3 of the best Starters in the franchise.

I'm not saying anything on Gen 5 except that I happen to like it. I think it is pretty cool and often prefer the new Pokes to the old ones due to all the cool new Typing they gave things. But now I'm burnt out on dem 'Mons. I'm pretty sure I'm not even going to Touch X/Y. Still waiting on that Pokemon MMO that combines all the regions into one intereconnected game that will probably never happen...

And here we have a ignorant Gen 2 fanboy. Newsflash: HG/SS didn't fix the many issues plaguing the originals like horrendous level scaling and poor distribution of wild Pokemon. Platinum outclasses it in nearly every single way, better variety of Pokemon, region (lol empty Johto), level scaling etc. It says something when you can catch Sneasel and Houndour before the E4 in Platinum and not HG/SS.
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User Info: mmc2679

4 years ago#78
Gen 3 was the worst one for me. I was in high school when it came out for GBA. I was so damn excited to buy Pokemon Sapphire. I think it was the first GBA game I paid $35 for. All the other ones were $30. Man oh man...that game bored the crap out of me. Even buying a gameshark (later updated to an Action Replay) didn't help me enjoy the game. Uninteresting story, crappy Pokemons, can't tell if it's night or day...I think I hated everything about that game.
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User Info: Dalkin

4 years ago#79
Suichimo posted...
I've gotta second the Gen 3 mention. It got rid of the majority of everything that G/S/C improved on, tried to "reset" Pokemon but didn't keep it exclusive to Gen 3 Pokemon(Gen 5 pulled this off though), and the latter half was so slow thanks to most of it being on/under water.

Yeah. Gen III felt like a HUGE setback over the awesome that was Gen II. Gen III was imo, the worst pokemon game. Gen IV was the best for me.

If we're talking about the actual pokemon designs though - Gen II was my favourite, Gen V is the worst.
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User Info: snae99

4 years ago#80
Gen 4 easily. Although I like a few pokemon from this gen, it has the worst designs overall imo. I don't like the Sinnoh region at all, music and boss fights aren't memorable and there are way too many legendary pokemon.

I know gen 5 had around the same amount of legendaries but the pixie trio is the worst set of legendary pokemon in the series (such horrible designs) and what even is Cresselia. I also don't like the whole "Arceus is god" thing, just seems silly to me.
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