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User Info: hoonsta

4 years ago#71
mjc0961 posted...
I was already seated, and I remained seated. Oh boy, another RPG. Who cares?

... the people who were waiting for it to get localized care? Maybe?
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User Info: tidusajcx

4 years ago#72
RyuVegas posted...
Starwars4J posted...

I said I was done but in your post you asked many times why I want people to HATE and BASH this game. Uh... no. I don't. What I want is for people to be CRITICAL of the game. So you say it has great art style? Awesome. Goes back to more Traditional JRPG roots in mechanics? Also sounds awesome. So if the game actually does look good, then by all means let's hope it turns out as good as it looks.

I think the problem here is is JUMPED into this Topic to start arguing this. This has been a deep sentiment for me against JRPGs for well over 10 years now. It just HAPPENED that I got the itch to start the argument in a Bravely Default topic. This could have been a topic about any other JRPG and I would have jumped in and did that same thing at some point if the sentiment boiled up to the top of my head and just had to get what I was thinking out to somewhere.

So Bravely is probably good. But that doesn't change my stance that it sure seems like ANY TIME a JRPG is announced, even if no actual gameplay footage is show, "OMG Best game EveR! So glad the company made this!" From so many fans. And this isn't only GameFAQs. I have so many IRL friends that do this same thing.

As a converse example look what happened when the New DMC, or Tomb Raider, or God of War, or Gears of War, or Halo, or Super Mario, or Legend of Zelda, etc. Those games actually had a great deal of hater for it DAY 1 each of those games were announced. But those haters don't seem to exist for JRPGs. At least not here on the Message Boards. Which is the mind-boggling subject I keep mentioning.

Somehow JRPGS are the genre that can do no wrong, but every other genre has ARMIES of haters. This disproportion doesn't make any sense to me.

lesson learned? :P.
i feel the same as you on some points, though. i heard horrible things about other M so i avoided it, same for Diablo 3 and DMC. its sad to see these series go in a bad direction. i think they can turn them around though. Hopefully. oh yeah, Resident Evil too. But i think they should just end it with 7 lol. make it where the world gets engulfed by zombies and everyone dies, go out with a bang. kinda like that ios game PlagueINC. Capcom needs to just say **** it and kill everyone. BUT im sure they will make an ending where a little spore or some crazy **** will land on some distant planet and **** a whole other civilization of aliens up, AND we will have a whole new franchise. call it "Extraterrestrial Evil" or some dumb**** like that.

User Info: Kyoshiro12345

4 years ago#73
RyuVegas posted...
The amount of blind praise this game gets boggles my mind. From My Perspective this game has WARPED peoples opinions so much it wouldn't matter if it turned out to be s***: Y'all would still buy and it and be like "This is teh best thing Square Enix Made EVAR!"

Seriously... the fandom circling this game is so ridiculous high, it boggles my mind that people get away with it on RPG games, but ANY OTHER GAME and overhyping it gets you ragged on by everyone else. But not this genre. Apparently it is the Holy Grail of Video Game Genres and everyone should be kissing RPG's figurative royal feet. -_-

well having completed the game over 6 months ago i still say is a great game, but then again i play final fantasy xi online so dont take my advice. anyways most people that are praising the game either have beated it on its original language or have watched videos. and all i can say is that its a great game.
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User Info: BIGFELLAH26

4 years ago#74
Lord_Frood posted...
rahxephon122 posted...
My reaction is as apathetic as when I saw the first topic on this.

Seriously. It's just another JRPG. There is literally nothing special about this game.

So, people aren't allowed to be happy that an English version has been announced? okay, gotcha.

Seriously get your head out your ***. It probably won't be easy because it's probably stuck so far up there, you probably don't even know where it is. Try hard tough guys like you and that Ryu guy just need to get lost. Your breed needs to die out and leave the normal folk alone.
"Cause they are going back to give it a 3 so you guys can french-kiss each other in victory all night" CrimsonGear80.

User Info: Human-Bean

4 years ago#75
It's great that this has been announced for the 3DS, Vita needs some competition.

User Info: CrimsonRoyal

4 years ago#76

User Info: confettistorm

4 years ago#77
CrimsonRoyal posted...

You tired from jumping around all night long after hearing the news?

User Info: abbyhitter

4 years ago#78
Even though people are overly hyped about this game on this board, I can sort of see why. The video footage looks amazing. However, there shouldn't be this much hype and fanboyism over a game that they know almost nothing about. They are only drooling over the graphics, a very basic summary of the storyline, and the fact that it's a JRPG.
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User Info: CrimsonRoyal

4 years ago#79
confettistorm posted...
CrimsonRoyal posted...

You tired from jumping around all night long after hearing the news?

Nope. Boring news is boring.

User Info: pikachupwnage

4 years ago#80
Human-Bean posted...
It's great that this has been announced for the 3DS, Vita needs some competition.

Its like this guy is just a big parody of every Sony fanboy on the site....
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