Name a 3DS game that surprised you and a 3DS game that disappointed you.

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User Info: Limen123

4 years ago#31
Theatrhythm. I mean, really. I was expecting a quick pick up and play game for when I was bored. Ended up playing for hours straight.

While I'm not really disappointed in any of my games, I'd say the least satisfying was TotA. I love the Tales series, but I was never able to play it. And when I got it, I was really excited. But, for some reason, it just didn't click for me. Maybe I was expecting an all new, exciting game, when it was just a port of a game that was out years ago, using old mechanics. And the story wasn't really keeping me from going on, since I'd already watched the anime and spoiled the game before.

User Info: 21_21

4 years ago#32
Surprised: Kid Icarus Uprising. I knew it was going to be good, but I had no idea it was going to be THIS good.

Disappointed me: Nothing. I don't buy s****y games.
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User Info: Captain_Drek

4 years ago#33
Surprised: Kid Icarus
I wasn't planning on getting it, but when I bought my 3DS the store was out of OoT. I picked up Kid Icarus because it was on sale and I was pleasantly surprised.

DS Disappointed: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (I don't have a 3DS game that I don't like.)
I tend to only buy games that I'm as sure as I can be that all enjoy. I picked up GS:DD blindly without reading anything on it, purely based on my love for the two GBA games.

Topic title specifies 3DS though, so this is gonna sound weird, but here goes.
3DS Disappointed: Kid Icarus
As much as it surprised me how good it was, I still can't get over the on-foot stage controls all the way. Yes it's a great game in itself, but that flaw keeps me from playing it for long sessions. The only reason it's both my to my surprise and disappointment is because I completely like all my other 3DS games and I knew full well what I was getting into with them, so I had nothing to be surprised or disappointed by.

User Info: Dr4G0nZ

4 years ago#34
Surprised: EO4, didn't really like the other EO games so I didn't expect to like this one.
Disappointed: Super Mario 3D Land

Surprising that I was disappointed in it, but it was too short, didn't really feel like a real adventure like the other 3D Mario games (probably didn't mean to be one, since it follows off Super Mario Land).
Surprised: Kid Icarus: Uprising just became one of the best games ever!

Disappointed: NSMB2, disappointing just like the New SMB series. I want more World & Galaxy games.
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User Info: President_Marth

4 years ago#36
No 3ds game has yet to disappoint me yet, unless I had never played it

though the best was either KI:U, FE:A, or MH3:U.
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User Info: DrunkenPilot72

4 years ago#37
Surprised: Code of Princess

Disappointed: Super Mario 3D Land/Rhythm Thief

Especially disappointed in Rhythm Thief since the demo was amazing (felt like a good follow up to Elite Beat Agents) but left out the annoying "poke the background" segments that make up half of the actual game.
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User Info: BigDaddyWingnut

4 years ago#38
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon surprised me. I expected it would be good, but I never thought I'd end up loving it more than the original! A true gaming masterpiece.

I was most disappointed with Kid Icarus: Uprising. I just couldn't get used to the horrendous controls. I really wanted to like this game, too. I couldn't stand to play it past the second level. Thankfully it was a gift, so I didn't lose any money on the game.
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User Info: xXDeadWulfXx

4 years ago#39
Surprised: Fire Emblem
Disappointed: KH3D, really disappointed considering its why I wanted a 3DS since it's my favorite game series. Glad MH3U and lots of other good games came out/are still gonna be released.
PSN: Shibuya_Reaper 3DS FC: 3668-7261-4909

User Info: BlackSabor

4 years ago#40
Surprised: Resident Evil: Revelations,
Professor Layton and the MM. (I tried one of the originals and didn't like it then for some reason, but I decided to give this one a try and it's hopelessly addicted.

Disappointed: Paper Mario Sticker Star. (I just don't get how anyone who experienced the wonder of any of the other paper marios can like this game. It feels so soul-less.)
Eshop in general: I want more GOOD games please. The Original Castlevania on the go would be absolutely amazing.
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