BIGGEST SCARE of my life

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User Info: Bane_Of_Despair

4 years ago#1
So I woke up this morning, trying to look for my 3DS XL because I had it with me while going to sleep last night. I'm searching and not finding it, getting more and more worried. I'm still searching and I hear a BANG on the ground.

Yep, it fell. And my bed is in a college dorm, so it's approximately 6 feet off the ground. I pretty much freeze after this, thinking how bad it's going to be. But then my roommate picks it up and inspects it, saying that it looks fine. I get it and inspect it some more and open Mii Plaza. He's right, everything seems alright and working well. I do have one of those clear hard shell covers on it, and the side of it got the tiniest of cracks but that's it so far.

Wow, close call. Hopefully it stays alright and doesn't have any after damage. Has anything like that happened to your 3DS?
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User Info: somebody336

4 years ago#2
lol Little heart attacks first thing in the morning ftw!

User Info: ss4gogeta_dark

4 years ago#3
They need otterboxes for 3DS. My Galaxy S3 couldn't be broken if I threw it at the wall. Its pretty tough.
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User Info: Kyaken01

4 years ago#4
I did the same thing, within a week of owning it I dropped it getting out of a car (stationary), it fell three feet and has scratches on the top left (other side of the notification light). Scared me so badly.
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User Info: supremeblaster

4 years ago#5
3DS is actually pretty sturdy. Mine has been dropped several times from a height of 3-6 feet and it still works perfectly.

User Info: MrPoppadopolis

4 years ago#6
getting out of a car (stationary)

I like how you have to specify this lol. I now imagine you jumping out of the car high speed, ducking tucking and rolling.
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User Info: Rev0luti0nN0w

4 years ago#7
TC, buy this:

User Info: DeathSoul2000

4 years ago#8
TC, i totally feel you. One time i dropped my SP, and the nintendo logo on the top started to come off, i was like "OH GOD I'VE RUINED IT- wut? it has a strip of plastic over the logo? oh THANK GOD." I felt like such a klutz.

User Info: laxnd23

4 years ago#9
Dude Nintendo products are the toughest video game devices ever. I'd be more worried about scratches or scrapes than any actually affecting damage on the system
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User Info: I_R_WINNER

4 years ago#10
I dropped my iphone and the screen cracked I and was like "oh." I really deserved it after how many times I've dropped that thing, but luckily it was just a little crack. Wasn't that scary, try dropping your head on ice and waking up blind.
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