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Is it worth it? Day 5: Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition

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User Info: Chenmaster2

4 years ago#1
Is it worth the $20 price tag? - Results (28 votes)
14.29% (4 votes)
3.57% (1 votes)
17.86% (5 votes)
21.43% (6 votes)
21.43% (6 votes)
10.71% (3 votes)
10.71% (3 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
This poll is now closed.
This series of topics are all about estimating the value of this 3DS game in your own opinion. From $1 (pitiful knock-offs or cash-ins) to $50 (it's worth as much as a AAA Wii retail title). Do not judge a game just because it's digital. We're looking at the production value of the 3DS game that is presenting here and not the materials that is given to the gamer when purchased.

1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D: $32 ($40)
2. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D: $17 ($30)
2. Bit. Trip Saga: $17 ($15)
3. Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic: $13 ($20)

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition: N/A

Didn't play it.

Oh and if you have any suggestions on what other 3DS games I should consider when putting on my list of 3DS games then leave it in your post so I can see it!

User Info: blazeair

4 years ago#2
$10 it was a pretty good port, just the akward d pad placement made it a bit hard to imo. Still the best fighting game on 3DS though.
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User Info: TinyTim123

4 years ago#3
It was the game I got at launch, the only game I owned until Zelda came out, after that (and I'd tried Zelda for about four hours) it was the only 3DS game I played until Super Mario 3D Land. I still play it now and then for a quick fighting game break between classes or in Doctor's offices or what have you.
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