A tip for those with touch screen issues.

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User Info: Sonic513

4 years ago#1
So, over the lifespan of my 3DS, the touch screen has slowly felt more and more off with it's calibration. To a point the that when touching the 'center' of the screen was registering as a touch a whole cm or two to the right. (which can make games with precise small things to touch problematic!)

I then tried to use the touch screen calibration setting, only to find myself clicking the 3 dots over and over, the 3DS not calibrating the touch screen. I was touching the EXACT centers of each dot. Then it dawned on me that if it's the touch screen physically that's been wearing out and not a mis-calibration causing the issue, it's not going to accept those attempts at all.

But after messing with it for a while I realized, the first top-left and bottom-right dots are free to be as 'inaccurate' as they want as a basis for re-mapping the touch screen input for calibration. It's the center dot you have to get 'correct'.

I went to game notes and made 3 red small circles mimicking the calibration dots. I then placed a black dot in the 'center' based on what visually appeared to be the center from my view. Top-left was ok, bottom-right was to the right a tad, center was way off to the right. (meaning the 'real' center of the touch screen is to the left of that dot)

Using that knowledge, I went back to the calibration test, touched the top-left and bottom-right dots in the center by eye. Then on the center dot, touched approximately the distance left of the dot based on the measurement of error described above)

And behold, it worked, it took me to the 4 dot check screen, and every dot was accurately registering as being touched in the centers. (meaning the virtual center of the touch screen was now forcibly in the center of the top-left and bottom-right dots and ultimately the touch screen is good as new for now)

So with this, this saved me from sending it to Nintendo for repair.
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User Info: Naruto

4 years ago#2
tl;dr... just send it to Nintendo.

User Info: TinyTim123

4 years ago#3
Naruto posted...
tl;dr... just send it to Nintendo.

Some of us have launch 3DS that are out of warranty. Thanks TC. Though my touch screen works fine, this is good to know for in the future.
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