How easy is the original Castlevania (without VC save states)?

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User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#51
HandsomeNerd85 posted...
Well I use the SS acting as continues, never uses them in the middle of a stage.

The first Castlevania is a test in memorization and is not impossible at all. It is not an easy game though, and you will die many times.

On the other hand, Castlevania 3 is hard as ****. It's one of the hardest game that I've ever played, and I've finished game such as Gradius, Ninja Gaiden, Contra and Ghost and Goblins.

i sometimes use them in the middle of the stage but only in extreeme cases
like in lost levels there's a back wards warp pipe and i didn't know where it was,but i knew what level it was in so i made a save state to experiment with the warp pipes(there's ONE warp pipe in the level that leads to the end and one that leads to backwards warp)

in megaman 1 i was stuck in the room with the dispearing blocks,you cannot ACTUALLY die in that room it's impossible,so in order for me to go to another stage i had to either finish the puzzle OR save state before that area, then go back to that state and keep dying so i could go to the stage with magnet beam.
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User Info: poopfeasts420

4 years ago#52
This is my first Castlevania and I'd say it's a lot harder than people make it look on youtube. It's definitely doable if you take time to memorize the patterns though.

User Info: n00bsaib0t

4 years ago#53
SMASHKING84 posted...
A continue on 4-3 continues on 4-3.
that just proves you haven't actually played lost levels.
as ONLY the super mario all stars version does this.

The Famicom Mini series for GBA continues on the stage you got the game over on, Mr High And Mighty. I'm one of those people here that is upset about region lock because I actually import, so try knowing what versions exist before pretending to have a clue.
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User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#54
what the f*** difference does it make,it's NOT the version on 3ds.
i tested it my self.
also there's ghost and goblins on 3ds which fits my desription of gaming that start you from the beginging if you fail.

2 hits=death,death=gameover,if you get a gameover start from square one,you have to beat the game twice to see the TRUE ending,the second mode is 1=hit death and death=gameover.
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User Info: randomshems

4 years ago#55
1. Save states are cheap (If you use them learn to game bro)
2. warps old are we now do we really need warps xD
3.If dying alot doesn't make a game difficult Idk what does making it through without dying once? cause thats what happened with me in SMB3D land barely died in the extra levels also.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#56
Dying alone doesn't make a game difficult, but it is most certainly a factor. I died more to get through SMB, than I did to beat Devil May Cry 4 on Dante Must Die, but that doesn't mean I consider SMB to be harder. I think DMC on DMD is the much harder game.
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