3DS System Format Question

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User Info: zelda_king3

4 years ago#11
EngineR2 posted...
That's the problem many, if not all of Nintendo's customers have. I'm sure you've seen the many topics about 'No account system!', and all.

Are you absolutely sure that you wont lose the downloads after formatting? Something about this just doesn't sound right. Can you provide the link to the site that talks about reformatting?


"Note: If the system is not being sold or given away, this process does not erase the licenses for any games purchased in the Nintendo eShop."

Doing a system format deletes the data and settings stored on the SD card and system, but it doesn't delete the Eshop license for the games (unless you specifically delete your Eshop account in the Eshop).
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User Info: EngineR2

4 years ago#12
Well, there's the proof! I guess you don't need us, anymore!
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