Why haven't we gotten 3D Classics Super Mario Bros.

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User Info: Crimson10Blades

4 years ago#1
It would seem like an obvious idea, why haven't they made it?
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User Info: Taplamp

4 years ago#2
I... don't.... know...?

Why didn't I ever question this?

Yeah that'd be cool! Why doesn't this exist?!

User Info: lordgibbon

4 years ago#3
Nintendo is allergic to money?

User Info: Akira1256

4 years ago#4
Probably because it would make it a bit more difficult to sell the original version on the VC.

And, maybe it might end up seeming like a sort of variation on the All-Stars version of the game. :|
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User Info: Shadowstar108

4 years ago#6
Maybe they're saving that spot for a SMB3 release, so they can have that in 3D instead.


I almost typed that with a straight face. Almost.
"Think we should tell them about the hexes, or sell it as is?"

User Info: HellsDrunkard

4 years ago#7
There are certain NES games where it just really wouldn't make it look that much cooler. I'd take 3D Classics Super Mario Bros. 3, with it's huge increase on colors/enemies/levels, over Super Mario Bros. in 3D any day. I probably wouldn't even upgrade Super Mario Bros. to 3D even it was only like two bucks if you bought the normal one, just because I don't think it'd do much for it.

Since it costs money and time, Nintendo should be picky about which games they convert to 3D. The real problem is that they don't seem to be doing any.
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  3. Why haven't we gotten 3D Classics Super Mario Bros.

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