Are You Surprised Etrian Odyssey IV Sold Out at Gamestop website?

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User Info: brianrpgfan

4 years ago#1
Did EO IV sell out at GS online store because of the bonus soundtrack for all the first print hard copy set or is the reason more likely because more gamers willing to pay full price because it's just another great game for the 3ds? And lastly it's not sold out at Amazon, hmm?

User Info: yab

4 years ago#2
Typical Atlus game with low print run.

If you buy from Amazon it actually comes from Atlus USA themselves so that's probably why they have more of them.
(or, looking at it now, they used to. But maybe inventory still comes direct from them)

User Info: OoSubaruoO

4 years ago#3

User Info: randomshems

4 years ago#4
nah great game with low prints not surprised at all.
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User Info: helldew

4 years ago#5
Atlus`s popularity has only been rising it also came with a demo.
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User Info: brianrpgfan

4 years ago#6
Very interesting from all of you so far! Maybe playing the demo convince more gamers to buy this title because all the old EO never sell out this fast at GS website, at least that's the way I see it based on past observation! Or maybe more EO fan don't want to end up paying more later just to get the collectible first print set that includes the mini art pamphlet and music cd?

User Info: chestershadow

4 years ago#7
Its funny because nearly every electronics store in my area has copies of the game just sitting there collecting dust.

User Info: Antanx

4 years ago#8
It's a very, very niche game, so low prints are usually expected.

Though, if they're being sold out, then that's great news at the Etrian Odyssey series has been growing quite a lot. The game is also being released in Europe, which is actually a first since the very first one.

Atlus are clearly trying to bring the series for a wider audience too if you check up the latest news about the new game/re-imagining (story based, voice acting, main characters with party interactions, I believe).
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