Should I get Pokedex Pro?

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User Info: Eli1999

4 years ago#1
You know, because of X and Y coming out (and nobody knows whether or not it'll get updated)...

User Info: Eli1999

4 years ago#2

User Info: BdowDELL222

4 years ago#3
No. Pokemon X and Y will have pretty much everything from Pokedex Pro incorporated into it I would assume except maybe a few things.

User Info: SuzuTitor

4 years ago#4
You have Bulbapedia. Pokedex Pro has less info than that. Plus, why would you want a Pokedex app that you would have to close out of your game to access it?
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User Info: EgoMouse32

4 years ago#5
Its basically like the previous Pokedex but this one adds all of the other Pokemon, has a price tag, and adds a few other features like language change, quizzes, and movedex.
I like the app. Its not that bad of a price tag. If you want to hear how to pronounce Pokemon names, it can be good to buy. Honestly, if you just want a Pokedex, there's your answer. You can still use Bulbapedia and every other Pokemon source websites that can give you better information, but Pokedex Pro has AR to play around with.

User Info: Sealed_Seal

4 years ago#6
Yes. Support Game Freak and Nintendo. And you get awesome 3D models too.
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User Info: Zappmaster

4 years ago#7
Sealed_Seal posted...
Yes. Support Game Freak and Nintendo. And you get awesome 3D models too.

This. If you love pokemon, do it. The quizzes are awesome.

User Info: Bahamut_10th

4 years ago#8
Paying for something you can find LEGALLY for free on the internet. Go for it!

User Info: batwing321

4 years ago#9
If you like making fan art, it's good to have for visual reference.
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User Info: CapeMike

4 years ago#10
I'm rather enjoying it for the quizzes, visuals, and hearing the various names in other languages! :D

...I wouldn't be at ALL surprised if the app(can we even call it that?) were updated to include X and Y when those titles come out....
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