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User Info: hobbes

4 years ago#1
I know the 3DS comes with like 2 gigs of memory. The thing I want to know is how do you know how big a download is,say Fire Emblem?
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User Info: elbarto1

4 years ago#2
It has 2GB onboard and comes w an additional SD card 2GB for 3ds and 4GB for xl IIRC.
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User Info: BlanketPI

4 years ago#3
128 KB = 1 block
Fire Emblem: Awakening is probably 9,3xx blocks, (don't shoot me if I am way off target) so ~1.1 GB. When attempting to buy something on the eShop, it will let you know how many blocks it will take, but that isn't very helpful if you haven't put the money in. Looking on-line is the answer to that.
(8579, so ~1.05 GB)
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User Info: ferofax

4 years ago#4
You buy a bigger SD card and download the game there.
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