Need friends..............

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User Info: LontaBeans

4 years ago#1
I'm looking for friends on the 3DS. I play: Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition, and in the future I will play Super Smash Bros. 3DS. I do play Ocarina of Time 3D, but it has no online play.
PSN: us120sammiches 3DS Friend Code: 1289 8495 8484
Currently playing: Castlevania Harmony of Despair (PS3) Street Fighter 4 (3DS)

User Info: ben10pokemon79

4 years ago#2
I don't have many friends, my friend code is 1332-7796-3237 and my Mii's name is Drew. Just let me know what to call you if I register you.
"Losing's not my style."
Gambit, X-Men Next Dimension

User Info: RajakaiTheBeast

4 years ago#3
Fc in my sig ill add you
Yeah,more spondoli. *Conker's Bad Fur Day*
3DS friend code:4038-6628-0864

User Info: SpoonSports

4 years ago#4
My friend code is:

Calvin and Hobbes - Greatest comic I ever read!
JRSC 1988 Honda CRX ZC Tuned & Built by: HybridWerks

User Info: SuperMarioBruvs

4 years ago#5
FC in my sig.
Official nobody of whatever board I post on.
NNID: Jason101 3DS FC: 2793-1140-7595
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