IMO, Nintendo needs to slow down with all these games

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User Info: Heartless18

4 years ago#1
Summer / Fall is absolutely packed with AAA games, but what about next year? Why not save some of these games for Winter so there's no drought like what's going on with the Wii U? We have quite literally too much of a good thing right now!
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User Info: SlimeStack

4 years ago#2
Pretty sure a lot of these games are coming out in winter.

User Info: pbandjames

4 years ago#3
That's not really a bad thing. They're giving us tons of titles now to increase sales and get many more 3rd party developers on board making games. They're also helping publish some titles that might not otherwise become localized, like Bravely Default. Really, they could just keep helping publish titles in 2014, and they'd make a neat profit while giving fans what they want.
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User Info: JiggsMaster

4 years ago#4
I agree. Then maybe the games will be of good quality. Push some of the games back and give more time to work on them.
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User Info: fawfulmark2

4 years ago#5
...taking 2 1/2 months off isn't slowing down enough :/ ?
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User Info: KaitaNuva

4 years ago#6
Next year: Ace Attorney 5
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User Info: UncleGrubby

4 years ago#7
Ridiculous. 6 months ago people were bemoaning how dry the release schedule was. And now you're saying there's too much? Like you HAVE to buy every game as soon as it comes out? Some people may only be interested in certain titles. Should they have to wait because there's too many you are interested in? And several of the big games are 3rd party. Don't be worried about next year, they already have stuff in dev you don't know about as I'm sure a lot of publishers do as well. We are about to enter the 3rd year of the 3ds' life and to date there are still not enough great games covering a wide enough variety of genres. A deluge of rpgs does not equal variety and titles like Castlevania have been disappointments.

The original DS really picked up steam in its 3rd year and didn't stop delivering until after the 3ds launched. I'd say that we are about to see the same for 3DS.

User Info: DarthFloaty

4 years ago#8
Next year will of course have 3rd party support (3DS is pretty good a out that). As for what Nintendo itself has, I'm expecting/hoping for Kirby, Metroid, Wario, and Star Fox to help carry some of the big dates. I also figure Yoshi's Island will be a 2014 title, although I can't say I'm positive. Honestly, I expect next year to have nearly as many high quality games as this year did.

User Info: AlbinoGerbil

4 years ago#9
I disagree.

There's more than enough games to localize/port. I don't see any problems at all with the current pace.
I'm looking forward to the summer onslaught
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