Sandisk SDHC card question

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User Info: Master-JLB

4 years ago#1
Not long bought a 3ds, I bought the xl so it came with a 4gb memory card. It came bundled with monster hunter which used up half of the memory, so I am upgrading to 32gb but I was just wondering whether getting the sandisk extreme pro would be better than just the extreme. The price is £26.50 for normal extreme and it's £50.85 for the pro so that's pretty much double price. Will I notice this on 3ds or more on cameras etc..

User Info: Master-JLB

4 years ago#2

User Info: Master-JLB

4 years ago#3

User Info: dizanimator

4 years ago#4
I think you will probably be fine with the extreme, and don't need to spend extra for the pro. I have a 32GB class 10 SanDisk Ultra and that works just fine in my 3DS. I think the extra speed is only useful if the card reader works that fast, and from what I have heard, a good class 10 card can be faster than the 3DS needs. I'd just rather have my 3DS slow down the card, than have the card slow down my 3DS.

User Info: Master-JLB

4 years ago#5
I'll probably do that then, thanks for your advice

User Info: Last Vampire

Last Vampire
4 years ago#6
Anything labeled "extreme mega pro sex quad killer" is going to be overkill for anything but HD video transfer imo. You're not going to notice the extra half second, if there even is a difference at that level.
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User Info: warlord78

4 years ago#7
The SD cards that come with every 3DS are technically a Class 10 card so the 3DS doesn't have any trouble keeping up with a Class 10 card. The Extreme card has an almost identical read speed to that of the cards that have shipped with 3DS's, but the save speed is double. The Extreme Pro should be double the read speed of what you've seen so far and 4x the save speed. It's important to remember that speeds I'm talking about are average speeds, and the speed Sandisk prints on the disk (45MB/ second for the Extreme) is a top speed that you may, or may not ever reach.

I highly recommend that you buy at the very least a Sandisk Extreme, going with a cheaper card might very well be slower than what Nintendo gave you for free.

The Extreme Pro sounds really cool, but I doubt that it is more than a second or two faster than the Extreme and I personally can't justify the cost for that small a speed bump. I'm waiting 3-6 seconds on average with an Extreme, dropping down to 1.5-3 seconds for double the cash seems nuts to me, I've got the extra 3 seconds.
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User Info: Latino_King

4 years ago#8
You should only go for the EXTREME PRO ULTRA AMAZING EXPLOSIVE AWESOMENESS card if you have a lot of big files saved on your 3DS.
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