Who is your favorite Video Character?

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User Info: nazacuckoo

4 years ago#11
danny5329 posted...
Jill Valentine 4 Life.
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User Info: Dr4G0nZ

4 years ago#12
Does Batman count?
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User Info: Finnelforever

4 years ago#13
More than 17 years history of gaming, I really can't choose to name only a few among the hundreds awesome characters I have met in my journey in the gaming world.

User Info: ACx7

4 years ago#14
Ezio Auditore da Firenze and Red from Pokemon!

While I have played hundreds of games and become attached to dozens of characters these 2 really stand out. I spent so much time playing as or against Red that it's hard not to put him at the top. Ezio is a much newer character, but one I was attached to since the beginning of AC2 and even more so as I played through his life in his trilogy of games.

Honorable mentions go to Hector from Fire Emblem, Lance from Pokemon, Alucard from Castlevania SotN, Marcus from Gears of War and Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite(She grew on me rather quickly)

User Info: BeanBeanKingdom

4 years ago#15
Professor Layton. Props to Level-5 for making the protagonist of a puzzle game series such a deep character you easily feel attached to.
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User Info: Artraira

4 years ago#16
Cloche. Or Mir.

User Info: MetaDeDeDe

4 years ago#17
Dr4G0nZ posted...
Does Batman count?

Since he stared in many video games he count.

All the character has to do in order to count is to at least be in a video game and that is it.

User Info: Commander_Greil

4 years ago#18
Tales of... Series hold probably all of my favorite characters. Yuri, Jade, Zelos, Kratos, Regal, Tear, Luke Fon Fabre, Guy, Moses, Senel, Stahn. Zelos is probably my favourite, him or Moses, but Jecht from FFX is a close 2nd/3rd for sure.
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User Info: nintendofrog

4 years ago#19
Phoenix Wright

User Info: Ghetsis

4 years ago#20
Too many to choose from...

I'd probably say Pietro (from PoPoLoCrois,) Lufia, Gabo (DWVII), Mega Man, Lucas (Mother 3), or Pikachu.

Hmm...I noticed an abundance of cute...
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