System running warmer after update?

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User Info: Pendragoon

4 years ago#11
esoteric42 posted...
Where exactly does the system generate heat? I've never noticed heat from my 3DS or my XL before or after the update.

The only heat I might have felt was where the battery is when it is charging, but even that is a faint memory.

From my first post.

Both systems were quite warm to the touch around the cartridge slot and when I removed the game carts they were warm as well.*
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User Info: furygods

4 years ago#12
blazeUP12 posted...
aak57 posted...
The firmware update allowed the games to access more of the CPU's power, didn't it? If so, it's only natural that the system would be warmer as using more power would generate more heat (and also reduce battery life, though it must not be a significant amount since people haven't been complaining).

Was this actually confirmed somewhere?

It was proven by a video where after the update improved framerate of the Mercenaries 3D.
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