Advice & Opinions Appreciated: Buying a 3DS

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User Info: bsp77

4 years ago#11
1. I’ll be going off to university in a year or two.

I generally prefer RPGs (specifically JRPGs) and my favourite gaming series would be Pokémon

Seems a little out of your age group?

You are one of those who feels "mature" by buying Mature games, huh? You will grow out of that once you truly grow up.

User Info: Shadowstar108

4 years ago#12
PhoenixSparks posted...
I’ve been seriously considering getting a 3DS these last few weeks, so I’m looking for advice and thoughts on the following:

1. I’ll be going off to university in a year or two. Does your gaming life get affected very much by going to university? Is a $200 purchase worth it if I don’t play it very often in university? How did your gaming habits change when you got to university? I currently own a DS Lite and play it maybe once a week or two, however, this is also due to the fact that I haven’t bought any new games recently, and most of the new games are out on the 3DS. I’ve had this DS for about 6 years.

2. Thoughts on the future of the 3DS: Do you think it will have a good ‘run’? If I do buy it, I don’t think I will buy another one (meaning no future upgrades, other portable gaming systems etc) for (possibly) another five years or so. So I’m hoping that Nintendo sticks by the 3DS and software for the next few years and doesn’t come out with some new 3DS/Wii mixture for next year or the year after or something.

3. Thoughts on the 3DS in general: Do you like the system? Is it worth the money?
I had considered the PS Vita, but as the games I enjoy tend to be on Nintendo consoles, I ruled it out. I generally prefer RPGs (specifically JRPGs) and my favourite gaming series would be Pokémon and the Harvest Moon/Rune Factory games.

4. Price-wise: What is the lowest price you have seen the 3DS XL sell for (new)? (You could include bundles in this answer, if you want, e.g. a great value bundle going for the same price as a regular 3DS XL, but includes a 3DS XL and more). I do have DS games and a whole plethora of Gameboy Advance games (like 40 or something) that I could sell/trade in to a place like Best Buy or Game Stop if there was a deal. It doesn’t have to be a current deal, just one that you have seen and one that may come up again if I’m patient enough. I’m not in a rush to buy this, and I’d be willing to wait for a deal. That said, do you think there would be another price drop?

Answer all of them or just the ones you know the most about, all I’m looking for is some opinions to help me make up my mind. The most important answer to me would be the first question, but any you can answer would be great. Thank you!

1. I'm a college student too, and I still find time to game (Although I still live at home with my parents and don't have a job...). The one thing I've noticed is that most people in our situation lose the enthusiasm to do anything, so I'd watch out for that.

2. You won't have to worry about that. Nintendo is going to stick with this system for a few years, so your investment will be a good one.

3. I personally believe it's worth every penny, and I've spent about $350 in it total for games and all for my XL. In about 6 months the new Pokémon games will be released, so that's something to look forward to.

4. I wouldn't recommend trading in any games for anything. I traded in my copy of Final Fantasy III (and a bunch more before that...) before I realized that it wasn't worth it. You'll probably end up missing your older games. And if you're willing to wait for a bit, I think there's an XL bundle with Animal Crossing: New Leaf coming out.

Hope this helps! :)
"Think we should tell them about the hexes, or sell it as is?"

User Info: bsp77

4 years ago#13
I will only answer #1 because the others are easily covered. When I went to college, I was an avid gamer, but only played about a quarter as much once I was in school, because I was too busy. Not studying, but socializing and partying. However, I usually played a lot on breaks when I went home.

Everyone is different, but I say to just get the 3DS, but be aware that you have no idea how you will react to the freedom of college.

User Info: PhoenixSparks

4 years ago#14
Couldn't care less about the 'age group' for Pokémon, still my favourite gaming series ever since I was little :D

User Info: TohruAdachi

4 years ago#15
1. I’ll be going off to university in a year or two.

I generally prefer RPGs (specifically JRPGs) and my favourite gaming series would be Pokémon

Seems a little out of your age group?

You're never to old for Pokemon...

Also to TS,it's good you didn't choose the Vita,the only games worth getting on the Vita is Gravity Rush (short) and Persona 4 Golden (at least 120hr+). And depending,FFX remake,Jak and Daxter Vita Collection,and probably Rayman Origins,the rest are just "meh"

User Info: The_Dragonhawk

4 years ago#16
1- I'm graduating in a few weeks and I haven't had time to do much of anything besides work and class and studying. BUT, I'm a mathematics major at a good university and I got good grades four four years. If you're going to college to be an English or Communications major, you're going to have insane amounts of time on your hands, judging from my roommate's habits. Even as a serious student in a tough major with a job though, I have enjoyed my 3DS and squeezing in Tales of the Abyss when I can. I'd say if you have the money, go ahead and pick up the system, but maybe just one or two quality games until you figure out how your time is going to be spent.

User Info: PhoenixSparks

4 years ago#17
Thanks for the replies everyone! To anyone new coming upon this thread, I'd be totally open to more opinions :)

User Info: Puddingchan

4 years ago#18
I own a DS Lite (now in use by one of my siblings) and bought a 3DS XL 2 months ago. I would not buy it if not for Fire Emblem. It's not worth the money if you don't have any games in mind that you absolutely must get, but from what you say I think it's OK for you to get a 3DS (There's Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, Rune Factory 4 and also Pokemon XY towards the end of this year).

I do find that I have time (limited though) to play even with studies and part-time work, but I always have to get my priorities right, like completing assignments and studying. I would reward myself with some playtime later. Sometimes, I don't even feel like playing at all even when I can, just like now.

I would also play occasionally when travelling or commuting to places, but not often as I sometimes get motion-sickness by doing so.

I do find that my time is pretty limited for games, so at least for Fire Emblem, I bought some of the DLCs to speed up the pace of the games. It would be considered cheating, but where time is precious, the DLCs are a small price to pay.

User Info: LainOfTheWir3d

4 years ago#19
1. It depends what your major/school is, how good you are at it, and how well you manage your time. If you're in a hard science at a pretty good school, you might have less free time than you're used to. However, I can say that I actually had less free time in high school than college [I graduated 2 years ago, so should still be relevant]. My first year of college [minus the quarter I took chemistry] before I got a job, I had around 20 hours of the week spoken for by classes/homework/club activities, and everything else was free time. This gradually tapered off in later years when I got a job, a few research positions, and the work just got harder. But, you obviously still get vacations and summer break during college. Even though I worked and took classes in summer, it was a much lighter load and I had a lot of free time.

In short, I ended up playing more in college than high school. The other thing to keep in mind is that handheld games are well-suited for pick up and play in a few spare minutes [like short breaks between classes], so even if you have less time, it might work better for you than, say, a home console.

Your gaming habits will be affected a lot by your social life. If the friends you make play games, you probably will too. If they don't, you'll probably be spending more time hanging out with them and might have less interest. I don't know that I'd necessarily worry about that though, because if you are into gaming now, then that will shape who you have stuff in common with and what you enjoy doing. If you're anything like me, your interest will wane for a stretch of time and then return when something you like is released.

2. I think it'll have a good run. I came to this board for similar reasons as you: I currently have a DS Lite and am looking to get a 3DS. The last time I paid attention to the 3DS was when it was first coming out, and the games looked terrible other than the Zelda remake. However, in the past week, I've been seeing video clips from Nintendo's recent conference, so I looked into it a bit more and found that in the time I stopped paying attention, they had released or planned to release a game from almost every Nintendo franchise that I like. While I do plan to get a next gen Xbox/PS3, this will be my only handheld purchase for the next half-decade, but I'm confident it is worthwhile. Just make sure there are games you're interested in.

3. I looked into Vita, and I'm also an RPG fan. I really, really just wanted Persona 4 Golden, and I tried to justify it by finding other games I was interested in. In the end, I couldn't.

Hope this helps, and good luck with school! Let me know if you have other questions.

User Info: TinyTim123

4 years ago#20
Full time student, also a grown man. I have a 4.0 GPA at my current university, and I make time to play, even if only for the one hour span between classes, to clear my head between trigonometry and English classes.
I need that span to just relax and not think about classes, because then I still have anywhere from two to five hours of classes remaining.
I do end up goofing off on my 3DS or Vita slightly more than I should, but I am also smart enough not to put school work off until the last minute. For example, in a Psychology of Prejudice class, we knew about a movie prejudice analysis toward the beginning of the semester, and I did mine over spring break, almost two months ago. People are complainging that it's due on the 27th, and they don't have enough time to get it done.
Don't be that person, and you should be fine.

Also, come June, I will likely use my 3DS every day, because Animal Crossing. Even if it's only for fifteen minutes to a half hour, I'll use it, until my system or my cart stops working.
I currently enjoy my 3DS quite a lot, and it has the advantage of portability, and can be played during downtime on campus.
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