Post a game you just beat and your thoughts on that game.

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User Info: emjay86

4 years ago#21
I just beat Harmoknight today. Great game. :D

User Info: Merc123

4 years ago#22
Scribblenauts Unlimited 3DS

Game was really easy and has little replay value but the ability to pretty much spawn anything out of my imagination is just too freaking cool and i loved the game for that .Sure i can't create things on 3DS but my laptop can't run the PC version and i am not getting a Wii u anytime soon, also cool to have portable. Worth checking out just to fuel your imagination.

User Info: combatbear82

4 years ago#23
I just got 5 shiny stars on both NSMB2 and SML3D.

NSMB2- 8/10
Pros: This is a very good mario game. Great level design and Replay Value. To 100% The game takes 10-15 Hours. The 3 Star Coins and other secrets are well hidden, that's a plus. Coin Challenge is addicting at first.The game keeps track of coins collected for each stage for extra replay time.

CONS:Game is too easy for those who want a challenge. Coin Challenge has a 30,000 Coin Salary CAP Which limits the competitve aspect of this game.No new Areas same old Graphics and music. They should have added a Spot/street pass function that allows sharing stage completion time, points scored and Coins collected on each level of the game.l to add more replay value. Bosses sucked. Overall This was a modest release, instead of playing it safe Nintendo should have took a chance and made some changes to art style and gameplay mechanics that would pave the way for more creative future releases.

Closing:Even though I put more cons than pros, the game is still fun to play.(The reason why I play games) I would recommend this game to anyone that loves playing Platformers.

I will review SML3D some other time.
XBL- Combatbear82
Friend code 3DS: 4038-6316-9571

User Info: _Odarp

4 years ago#24

Bioshock Infinite

Lame, repetitive and boring combat, the 2 weapon system sucks and does not allow specialization, the story was average at best, vigors were cool.


Super Mario 3D Land

Nice graphics, boring level design, boring and unnecessary power ups (only the tanuki is ever useful) extra levels are just padding, super easy and to my opinion greatly overrated.
If I was Rick Astley I would randomly Rick Roll people in the street. Total ownage.
PSN: Pratypus

User Info: Ruff_Puff

4 years ago#25
I just finished Paper Mario 64 the other day, and if was a really good game.
It's well made, and fun. It gave me a few laughs, too. Anyway, it was great. :D
PSN: Ruff-Puff

User Info: AkaneJones

4 years ago#26
3DS Classic: Kid Icarus
They did a nice job updating the graphics and fixing the wonky controls. It even sports a nice new save system allowing anybody to be able to play through it. It makes it clear however that to make a 3D classic of many games, ones that aren't built with complicated backgrounds would take far more effort they are willing to go.

I should say the wonky controls and lack of a real save system is the real reason people never beat it, and it seemed to last so long. Maybe I should try a 0 item run, map and pencil not included.
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