Best fighting game on the eShop?

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User Info: Maiken100

4 years ago#11
marsgreekgod posted...
DragonReborn97 posted...
Dr4G0nZ posted...
DragonReborn97 posted...
Er... There is a filter section called 'Fighting'.

What kind of fighting games are you looking for exactly? The purchasable games on that list aren't really fighters in the traditional sense of the word (street fighter, tekken, etc.).

Eh... Well I suppose,I could track down a copy of BlazBlue CS II... How is it?

I hear it's good, but the fact it doesn't pasue when you close the 3ds (somehow the devs never knew about that) kills it for me


User Info: lizard81288

4 years ago#12
Plus I don't think you can use the circle pad either.

DoA is the best fighter on the 3DS. I know it is uploaded on the E-sop in japan, IDK if it is on the US e-shop
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