Nintendo customer service says Nintendo won't replace lost/stolen digital games

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User Info: Gmaefaqs

4 years ago#41
This is why nobody should ever buy a digital game from Nintendo until they fix this.

User Info: n00bsaib0t

4 years ago#42
shamontray29 posted...
i brought the 3ds on launch and i recieved 20 free nes and gba games and if my 3ds broke it's like i been a abbassador for nonthing and i downloaded fire emblem:awakening dlc for absoulutely nonthing just wow nintendo thats like buying rented games and keep rebuying if my game breaks.

That's not 100% true. The system is very backwards and anti-consumer but I just had someone message me saying he just got back his ambassador status after taking my advice and calling with the old console S/N and new console S/N, and the only reason he didn't get everything is because he didn't register his 3DS on Club Nintendo which tracks all of your digital purchases.

It's case by case, but I got my content back and so did the guy that messaged me.
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User Info: siberian142

4 years ago#43
klim28 posted...
Do you get compensated if you get robbed with your physical game collection? Would Nintendo replace your lost carts. I can't see why would they give you another copy physically or digitally if you lost/misplaced them.

There is little reason to defend the absence of an account system. People like digital content because of the pros that it typically provides when used with most services, the ability to have everything you've bought under an account and the capability to have a mass of content at the tip of your fingers without having to worry about handling a bunch of discs or carts. Reimbursing a customer of their physical game would involve giving away a cart and spending money on shipping it to them. You cannot lose a digital copy save for having your account stolen and it costs much less to allow that customer to re-download their digital content. The two can't be compared because they're different practices with different expectations. With physical, you get one game and that's that but with digital, it's part of the customer-company trust that their purchases will be safe so long as their account is.

The way Nintendo has it currently set up has little difference to what you get when you buy physical if all your content goes bye-bye should your lose your system or it is stolen, they're being unnecessarily difficult. Even if they will restore your content should something happen to prevent you from having physical access to your 3DS, this information is not as easily available, as obvious or as comforting compared to the typical, "all your content is under one account, you can access your purchases by logging in, no complicated processes required". They should get with the times, like the vast majority of digital content providers.

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RetroFanGirl posted...
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_Odarp posted...
I had my 3DS stolen and I got my games and ambassador status restored to a new 3DS and I live in Mexico, I just contacted Nintendo of America via their website, so please don't lie.

Wow, so everybody just ignored this post?

He can't prove he isn't lying.

Why would someone lie about this?...

I think it is more that it seems to be the luck of the draw when contacting Nintendo concerning a stolen or lost 3DS, considering I have noticed a lot of people saying that they will restore your purchases for you while others say the opposite. Maybe it depends on what customer service rep you get? A definitive answer seems difficult to obtain.
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