Man Eshop is crap IMO

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User Info: Black_Assassin

4 years ago#21
Final Fantasy2389 posted...
You want N64 on the 3DS.

Please, come up with a control scheme that would make this possible.

D-pad = D-pad
Joystick = Circle pad
L = L
R = R
A = A
B = B
Z = Y
Start = Start
C-buttons = D-pad
If you hold down X, the D-pad works as the C buttons. Alternatively, the D-pad functions as the D-pad, and by holding X, it becomes the C-pad.

If there's some game that can only be controlled with the D- & C-pads, then this doesn't work because the directional inputs are all on the left side. Most of the games supported joystick control though, I think?

User Info: nimerjm37

4 years ago#22
I've got my share of complaints with the eShop as well, but Nintendo has one thing that Sony hasn't been able to get right: Timing.

Want a new eShop retail game at launch? It's up at 12:01 a.m. Looking forward to this week's eShop update? Check at 12:01 p.m. Thursday and it will be there.

Sony updates the PSN on Tuesdays at whatever time they damn well please. Last week, they screwed everything up and didn't update until Wednesday. And if you want a new PS3 or Vita game, you can buy it at 12:01 Tuesday at retail, but if you want a digital download... you can probably get it 8-10 hours later, and that's if you get it at all.

The eShop has its share of issues, I agree. But the PSN is a complete and total train wreck.
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User Info: gldoorii

4 years ago#23
The PSN was down for maintenance (again, but we were told prior). Even if it's a train wreck, there are games on there I'd buy, and have. The eShop is pretty pathetic imo. As a new 3DS owner myself I can't really understand why the eShop is as bad as it is after all this time. It absolutely boggles my mind how the Wii's Virtual Console is not on the 3DS as well. Hell...people can emulate the majority of those VC games on the DS, but Ninty can't bring them to the 3DS? I don't even bother with the eShop at all because it frustrates the hell out of me to see the lack of support and content that Nintendo fans want.
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