Pick a game that defines your childhood

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User Info: teh1337gosu

4 years ago#21
Perfect Dark
LoZ Wind Waker
Majoras Mask
Super Mario Bros Deluxe
Pokemon Crystal
Yvan eht nioj

User Info: aak57

4 years ago#22
Super Mario World, Super Mario All Stars or A Link to the Past. Can't really decide on one.
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Final Fantasy2389 4 years ago#23
A Link to the Past.
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User Info: I_R_WINNER

4 years ago#24
Hard to pick one but I'd say Ocarina of Time (and Majora's Mask).

As a kid I wished I could be Link and go on his adventures, still do. OoT is more nostalgic for me but I feel more strongly about MM now because of the characters.

For handheld games I'd say Super Mario World on my buddy's GBA at his house. We would play that game, Crash Racing on PS, Age of Empires 2, and other now old games for hours. WOW I miss those days, I don't even talk to the guy anymore ;(

User Info: iMegawott

4 years ago#25
The first three (and arguably only good) Crash Bandicoot games. I'm partial to Twin Sanity, though.
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User Info: Emoglobin

4 years ago#26
Spyro 2: Ripto's GOD DAMN Rage
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User Info: druskie

4 years ago#27
mario and luigi: superstar saga
Link To The Past 2, coming this holiday season!
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User Info: Starwars4J

4 years ago#28
Pokemon Red

Though how could I not mention Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, or Super Mario Bros. 3?
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User Info: meathoven2

4 years ago#29
Donkey kong country 2: Diddy's kong quest. Ah the memories of playing this game with my older brother.
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User Info: supremeblaster

4 years ago#30
Megaman Battle Network.
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