So,the new Castlevania game sucks?

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User Info: WiiareVenom

4 years ago#61
Kaze_Memaryu posted...
gilv3r posted...
Unfortunately they are probably done with metroidvania games.

... said no Castlevania developer ever.
Stop whining and wait for it. The Lord series ends with LoS2 - and I'm sure IGA is well aware of the fan demands, so he'll come up with something soon enough.

Though I am sure Metroidvania will be back, I doubt the bit about Iga caring what fans want. Portrait/OoE/Judgement exist after all, and an Aria of Sorrow prequel does not<.<
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User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#62
It's okay, but it's nothing special. Towards the end it almost starts to feel like Castlevania, but even then it's really bad Castlevania.

It's basically a case of how less is more. Despite the abundance of whip moves here, the combat is much less deep than the old castlevania games, largely because you now always fight on completely flat surfaces and you only need to mash a couple attacks and jump to win battles. In the other Castlevania games, you would often encounter situations where the opponents had a big positional advantage and you would have to approach them carefully to avoid damage. This is completely gone from this new game, and in turn this means the combat and level design has far less variety.

The music is also totally lame. I kept waiting for them to at least bring in Vampire Killer, but they never do. Lame atmospheric sounds FTL.

It's basically like a high 6 or low 7 / 10 game. It's maybe better than some of the worst Castlevanias, but it's nowhere close to the better ones. - Watch me beat "SNES Aladdin" - My backloggery
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  3. So,the new Castlevania game sucks?

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