For SD card transfer...

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User Info: Dynasty_Vic

4 years ago#1
Can you copy and paste or do you have to drag it from the old SD card to the new one?
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User Info: iMURDAu

4 years ago#2
I copied the SD card to my PC then pasted to the other SD card. I only got the one SD slot on my laptop.
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User Info: Playsaver

4 years ago#3
Make a folder on your pc.
Drag or copy what is on the old sd card to into the folder, you made, to the pc.
Eject then remove the old sd card from your pc.
Insert New sd card into pc.
If anything is on the new sd card delete it.
Drag or copy what is in the folder you made on your Pc.
DO NOT drag or copy the folder you made on your pc, only drag or copy what is in that folder to the new sd card.
If your dragging a folder from your pc make sure you don't drag it into a folder on the sd card.
You can drag everything at once by clicking on the first item in the folder you made, then hold down the shift button and then while holding that button push the down arrow key untill everything is highlighted in that folder. Then you can click and drag everything at once to an empty sd card and have the folders and items be the same as they are supposed to be on the sd card.

User Info: MamoruNoHakkyou

4 years ago#4
I tried all this and it seems like everything but the demos transferred over. I assume I did something incorrectly. I tried this first with a freshly formatted card on my PC. Didn't work. Same again after having the 3DS format it first. Didn't work. Used the same 3DS formatted card and re-downloaded everything I purchased in the eShop and the demos were not there. >__>

I hope all my T:FF DLC is still there. I kept my original SD card intact just in case I needed it. This is sadly more complicated than it should be.
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