Going Digital Is Great

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User Info: furless_panda

4 years ago#31
I would definitely switch to all digital if every game is available and games are tied to account rather than system. Unfortunately, I have too many physical games right now that it would be weird to have some games digital.

User Info: g0ku411

4 years ago#32
The biggest problem I have with digital gaming is, like most people, Nintendo's lack of an account system. Other than that I'm perfectly fine with it. I don't usually sell/return games I've already played and all my games would be on my 3DS so I can't really lose them unless I lose the system itself (or the SD card but I haven't had a reason for removing it yet). It also saves me a trip to the store. I for one am a huge fan of digital gaming.

User Info: Kakashi_Lawyer

4 years ago#33
alphame4 posted...
MrFwibbles posted...
My girlfriend just got NSMB2 for $15, remind me again how much the digital version costs?

Some people make enough money not to look for flea market type deals.

Saving money when you can is good whether you can afford everything at full price or not.

User Info: TheWhoFan

4 years ago#34
I'm a PC gamer. Buying boxed games is archaic in my world. But, yeah, purchases not being tied to an account prevents me from going fully digital with Nintendo. At least, not for most major releases.
"On a technical level, PC obviously. But because PC and Xbox have no games, PS3 wins." - ScreamingMidget
They don't even try anymore.
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