How limited do you think the Bravely Default supply will be?

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  3. How limited do you think the Bravely Default supply will be?

User Info: pokemon2poker

4 years ago#1
Just curious what you guys think. I'm not sure, but I don't think it'll see too many print runs.
Dick Tracy

User Info: suttonmitchell

4 years ago#2
My advice: Get it day one. I don't want to be paying like 60 bucks down the line for a hard copy.
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User Info: MMaestro

4 years ago#3
Fairly limited. Nintendo is pushing the eShop HARD (compared to Sony and Microsoft at least) this generation.

User Info: _Shikoba_

4 years ago#4
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User Info: IAznDragonI Yan

IAznDragonI Yan
4 years ago#5
retail: yeah good luck with that unless you pre order or are lucky your store(s) has them in stock
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User Info: Valkerion757

4 years ago#6
Yeah given Nintendo's pretty whacked policy for "90% digital and 10% physical" id preorder it when it gets closer to release to be safe.

Not that I have a problem with digital or physical. But when a game is hard to find of a copy of... day one. Its a problem Nintendo. A few months, fine, but not day one like Fire Emblem.
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User Info: nouseravailable

4 years ago#7
It might be hard. I was going to go with wii-u this gen but im having second thoughts because of how hard it is to find physical copies of the 3ds games. It was painful to find Fire Emblem...
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User Info: pokemon2poker

4 years ago#8
So you think it'll be worth grabbing a couple of copies? Buy two and flip the second for double, you get the game for free.
Dick Tracy

User Info: AlbinoGerbil

4 years ago#9
_Shikoba_ posted...

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User Info: MrKunio

4 years ago#10
Preorder the physical copy. You get game, keep forever, sell for profit in future if you want.
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