Fire Emblem Sacred Stones needs a HD remaster

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User Info: Endgame

4 years ago#11
you already got your SUCKred Stones remake

it's called Awakening
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User Info: JurassicBond

4 years ago#12
I'd rather them do a remake of FE6 and FE7 together in one game with the games put in chronological order.
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User Info: Lord_Frood

4 years ago#13
Why the hell is nobody asking for 3-5? Those were the best.
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User Info: MMaestro

4 years ago#14
NewbieN00b posted...
MMaestro posted...
Ghetsis posted...
fissionprimer posted...
Not as good as the first fire emblem for gba so.. No

I agree. Sacred Stones is great, but Sword of Seals is even better. And much harder.

Blame that on the fact that they were released out of order in the U.S.

No they weren't? FE6 came out before 7... We got them all in order after 7. (Aside from 12, which we never got at all)

FE7 was designed for ignorant Western audiences who hadn't played the previous 6 Fire Emblem games.

User Info: jedinat

4 years ago#15
There's so many better games that deserve a remake more... no way.

User Info: Hardley_Smith

4 years ago#16
promo123 posted...
From: zerooo0 | #009
aak57 posted...
What does this have to do with 3DS?

It should be easily implied that I would actually like the HD Remaster(Or Sub HD, or whatever the 3DS can do) on the 3DS. As if I made this topic on the Wii U board it should be implied that I would like for it to be in the Wii U.

The 3DS isn't anywhere near HD though.

User Info: monkeypahng

4 years ago#17
But we can get HQ sprites. :3
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