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User Info: Shirohart

4 years ago#1
So i've been a huge fan of this and Rune factory since the Snes days. Just wondering if the current 3DS (or DS at a lesser extent) versions still keep a large focus on the farming and marriage side of the game? I see the Tale of Two Towns but it looks like it's all about the cooking.

Not sure how this plays out but I never focussed too much on the cooking in the past. I also havnt really played a Harvest Moon since it was released on the Wii.

User Info: blink0947

4 years ago#2
A New Beginning is very much about farming (well, and livestock) and marriage; I've played through roughly my first year, and I've used cooking more for raising the prices on some of my produce and making gifts for girls in the town than anything else.

While you didn't specifically ask this, I'll also point out that if you are looking for a 3DS Harvest Moon, A New Beginning is the only way to go. Tale of Two Towns on 3DS is extremely glitchy and nigh-unplayable from what everyone I've known who has it has told me, and the feedback online seems to agree. ANB has been very well received, better than really any of the DS games, and really is a fantastic HM game

User Info: ecco6t9

4 years ago#3
Stick with A New Beginning , the DS installments lacked something that the older games and ANB have.
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