Vita or 3DS XL?

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User Info: NathanisDrake

4 years ago#21
You said you liked Resident Evil, correct? Well, apparently there are 2 Resi games for the 3ds.
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User Info: Shadowfxd2

4 years ago#22
From: alphame4 | #010
Just get a 3DS.

I don't think you're man enough to handle the Vitassurance that Vita requires.

no one is!,
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User Info: lambchips

4 years ago#23
darkwargreymon9 posted...
I am wandering:
-What are the Vita titles worth getting PSP Vita? (Hint:JRPGs)
-Backwards compatability of both conoles (Vita/3DS)?
-Battery life of both consoles (DS lite lasted about 16 hours in lowest light setting) ?
-What are some 3DS titles worth getting, counting this year?
-Any other details/diffrences that could help here?

Would it be worth getting both consoles eventually? Which one is better to get first? I am leaning towards 3DS because I know it more, I have expirience with DS and it has been an excellent purchase. I love JRPGs like Pokemon and Golden Sun, I would also love to play Final Fantasy. As far as price, I will be waiting for price drops, I will wait until October to get the system.

1. persona 4 portable is the only jrpg i can think of on the vita
the psp has a ton though "legend of heroes trails in the sky" and ZHP are the standouts that everyone should play

2. vita= only psn no umd
3ds= yes to all ds games (even games from japan)

3. around 5 hours for both, you'll want to invest in a nyko battery if you're going to play more than 5 hours at a time

4. theatrhythm final fantasy
rhythm thief
kid icarus uprising
monster hunter 3u,
fire emblem awakening
resident evil revelations

5. the major one is 3ds is completely region locked, while vita is region free (but DLC and game region is locked... you wont be able to import a japanese game and get japanese dlc if you're on your us id)

for storage 3ds uses sd cards and vita uses special cards

if you like jrpgs you'll want both... also if you never had a psp, I'd recommend vita to play all the jrpgs on the psp (there is a lot)
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User Info: zxelman

4 years ago#24
Just look at the library of games for yourself. If you're going to make a big purchase on top of games to go with your system, you might as well find out which games you are into. Slightly irrevelant, but it took me forever to find my kind of computer because I relied too much on people and finally did the research for myself. Give some effort.

Look at the PSN store for the PC and see what games for the Vita you want. Look at the wikipedia list for both 3DS and Vita. Click each link that remotely looks interesting, look it up on youtube and see if the gameplay is for you. Do whatever it takes to get you sold on either system.

But if anything, get both in the end if they both interest you. If only one does, go for that one.

I say this because you will get biased people. If you research for yourself without company bias in your mind, you should be okay.

I went for Vita, my gf went for 3DS. We both convinced each other that the other system is worth getting because new games come out every so often. Do all customers have enough money for both? No. Which leads to bias. Why? Because many people don't want to spend more. But it's still okay to expose yourself to the other system even after you choose one, because it's important to realize each system still has their own neat games. Just make sure gaming isn't your number 1 priority in life or your wallet or someone else's credit card will be screaming.

And realize this, the overall number of games from 3DS to Vita means nothing to you personally if most games don't interest you to begin with. I'm only into approximately 10 3DS games out of all available as opposed to approximately 20 Vita games out of all available. And this is my preference and my research.
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User Info: Phange_2

4 years ago#25
Honestly, for a system that is barely over a year old, I think the Vita's library is pretty excellent.

The problem is that the future lineup is terrible.

I own both handhelds so I don't have a bias towards either one. I'd prefer to play my Vita simply because it's got better hardware and the screen is gorgeous, but good games are good games, regardless of the system they're on.

Atelier Totori on Vita was an awesome and pleasant surprise release.

I've been enjoying Luigi's Mansion 2 more than I ever thought possible.
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User Info: Phange_2

4 years ago#26
NathanisDrake posted...
You said you liked Resident Evil, correct? Well, apparently there are 2 Resi games for the 3ds.

To be fair you can get RE1, 2, and 3 for PSOne on the Vita

But I don't really count backwards compatibility.

That said, RE: Mercenaries hardly counts as a Resident Evil game.
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User Info: ServantOfErieos

4 years ago#27
Get a vita, the amazing soul sacrifice is coming out next week.
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User Info: ServantOfErieos

4 years ago#28
Also, in my experience the battery life for the vita is way better than what you get for the 3DS.
Lord Erieos is coming...
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