Gamestop. I good place to buy games?

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User Info: SioReolu

4 years ago#11
It's fine. People over exaggerating or are bothered by the smallest of things are the ones who complain the most about them.
-Sioreolu, out.

User Info: elbarto1

4 years ago#12
I avoid GS unless I'm looking for a specific game. I don't like how they push you to preorder and won't sell brand new games unless you do.
I hate how they sell open games as new and don't care for their prices on most used games.

I go there only when necessary or for sales.
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User Info: NettoSaito

4 years ago#13
I'm completely fine with gamestop, although sometimes mess ups happen. For example my gamestop didn't order the Metal Gear Rising art book bonus (even if it was just like, a cheaply made thing, it would have been nice to have), but other than that I've had no issues. They have a lot of great deals at times (for example, buy 2 used games and get 2 free), and it's just about the only place you'll find older/rare games. GameStop also actually STOCKS every game that is released as well, unlike most retail stores.

If a game is coming out that isn't mainstream, you'll basically have to either get it at gamestop or online. Walmart, Target, BestBuy (and so on), won't have it.
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User Info: adonfraz

4 years ago#14
Best Buy and Amazon are usually cheaper, but if you have a "good" Gamestop, with knowledgeable and friendly employees, go for it.
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User Info: yankee6903

4 years ago#15
I buy used games there, especially rare ones. I never trade stuff in there though.
ServantOfErieos posted...
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